We are Stark Energy

We specialise in the development and long-term management of large-scale solar projects. Our projects generate clean, reliable electricity for homes and businesses across the UK.

Overheard photo of a tractor ploughing a field, next to another field of solar panels

The world is transitioning from fossil-fuel derived power generation to clean sources of electricity. Stark Energy is at the forefront of this transformation through our work to identify , develop , build , and operate large-scale solar PV projects in the UK.

Our team works with grid operators and landowners to identify areas of land which are suitable for a solar PV project. In conjunction with a team of professional consultants we manage the whole development process, ensuring that projects are built to provide long-term clean electricity for local distribution .

Where We Work

We Develop Projects Throughout the UK

The Stark Energy team has experience of developing solar PV projects across Europe and Australia, but we are presently fully focused on the UK.

Stark Energy projects are currently moving forward across England and Wales. Our feedstock is solar irradiation, which in the Northern Hemisphere becomes more plentiful the further south a project is located. Due to technological advances we can make projects work across the whole of England, Wales, and Scotland.

A map of the UK

Why We Do This

The UK’s Climate Is Changing

The average temperature in England is around 1˚C warmer than the pre-industrial period. Sea level has risen by 16cm since 1900 and will continue to rise for centuries due to time lags in the climate system. We are beyond the time for action and at Stark Energy we believe that Solar Photovoltaics have won the race to be the most practical and economically viable method of generating electricity with zero carbon emissions. Combined with suitable power balancing projects Solar PV has the potential to significantly contribute to the backbone of the UK’s electricity supply, creating energy security and combating climate change.

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